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Send documents for eSignature with signNow

Create role-based eSignature workflows without leaving your pdfFiller account — no need to install additional software. Edit your PDF and collect legally-binding signatures anytime and anywhere with signNow’s fully-integrated eSignature solution.
How to send a PDF for signature
How to send a PDF for signature
Choose a document in your pdfFiller account and click signNow.
Screenshot 1
How to send a PDF for signature
Add as many signers as you need and enter their email addresses. Move the toggle Set a signing order to enable or disable sending your document in a specific order.
Note: you can change the default signer name (e.g. Signer 1) by clicking on it.
Screenshot 2
How to send a PDF for signature
Click Assign fields to open your document in the pdfFiller editor, add fillable fields, and assign them to each signer.
Note: to switch between recipients click Select recipients.
Click SAVE > DONE to proceed with your signature invite settings.
Screenshot 3
How to send a PDF for signature
Select Invite settings to add CC recipients and set up the completion settings.
Click Send invite to send your document or Save invite to save it for future use.
Screenshot 4
How to send a PDF for signature
Check the status of your document in the In/Out Box tab. Here you can also use the buttons on the right to manage the document you’ve sent.
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Sign PDF: Simplify Your Document Signing Process


With the Sign PDF feature, you can easily sign your documents digitally, saving time and effort.

Key Features

Digital Signature Option: Add your signature to PDF documents with just a few clicks.
Multiple Signing Methods: Choose from various signing methods, including drawing your signature, uploading an image, or using a predefined signature.
Effortless Document Completion: Fill out PDF forms electronically and sign them instantly.
Secure and Legally Binding: Ensure the authenticity and integrity of your signed PDFs with industry-standard encryption.
Time-stamping: Add a timestamp to your signatures for enhanced accountability and auditability.
Intuitive Interface: User-friendly design makes signing PDFs a breeze, even for non-technical users.

Potential Use Cases and Benefits

Business Contracts: Streamline the signing process for contracts, agreements, and other business-related documents.
Legal Documents: Digitally sign legal documents such as affidavits, waivers, or consent forms.
Financial Papers: Easily sign and complete financial documents like invoices, tax forms, or loan agreements.
HR and Employee Management: Simplify the signing of employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, or HR-related forms.
Academic and Research: Digitally sign research papers, permission forms, or academic documents with ease.

Put an end to the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning documents. With the Sign PDF feature, you can securely sign your PDFs in minutes, from anywhere, at any time. Simplify your document signing process and experience the convenience of digital signatures.

All-in-one PDF software
A single pill for all your PDF headaches. Edit, fill out, eSign, and share – on any device.

Instructions and Help about Fill and Sign PDF Online

How to Electronically Sign a PDF

Digital documentation workflows include a range of features such as editing electronic templates as well as e-signing and collecting signed documents. The digital signature has become the go-to way of finalizing agreements in the business world thanks to its ease of use. Users may sign PDF online choosing a number of different online solutions or software programs.

Those who do not want to spare time browsing for a separate editing, storage and signature solution should use pdfFiller. It combines numerous editing, signing and document storage features. Thanks to this, forms can be fully processed using a single platform. In addition, the online service works on a range of devices and browsers. You can easily sign a document online on PC or smartphone using the pdfFiller platform. No matter what device you work with, it will look the same on Mac and Windows as well as on any iPhone and Android. Try advanced features designed to make your e-signature look perfect.

Digitally Sign a PDF in Less Than a Minute

Anyone can sign a document in a few simple steps:

Begin by uploading a file and opening it in the editor.
Insert all necessary information in the sample.
Add a signature or initials field to your document. To do that, open the “Add Fillable Fields” tool on the left-side. Select the necessary field and place it on the page.
Click on the highlighted signature box. A pop-up window will appear next.
Select your method for signing a PDF. There are several ways to do so:
  • Type your full name on the keyboard, your handwritten initials will appear on the screen. It is the easiest way to create a digital signature.
Draw your autograph with a mouse or touchpad. It will take a little more time, but the autograph will look natural.
Upload a photo of a signature written on paper or capture it with your camera.
Draw an autograph with your smartphone’s screen. Opt to use a scan of a QR code or send a link via SMS or email.
Finally, your legally binding signature will appear in the cell. Note that the system automatically saves every signature you create, and you can reuse them an unlimited number of times. Next time you fill and sign PDF document, you don’t need to create a new signature, but select one of the existing ones and add it to your template.
Save a template and download it to your computer or store it in your personal account.

One more useful feature you can work with is the signature request. Those who need to collect autographs for their samples can do so via email. The best part is that even unsubscribed users can place their initials in the sample following the link you send them. Once a person signs a document, a notification will be sent to you.

How to Sign a PDF?

To sign a PDF, upload your document using pdfFiller's uploader.
Click the Signature' button and sign your PDF by drawing, typing or uploading signatures. Select and insert the signature to the desired location.
To create a field for a signature, click the 'Fillable Fields' tab on the right to create and insert signature fields anywhere in your document.
To add a date to your PDF, click the 'Date' button and move the date to the desired location.
When you're done with signing, click the 'Done' button and email, print or save your document.
To get your documents signed and obtain third party signatures, click the 'SendToSign' button and email your documents with signature request.

How to Sign PDF Online - video instructions

How to Use the Sign PDF Feature in pdfFiller

Signing PDF documents is made easy with the Sign PDF feature in pdfFiller. Follow these simple steps to sign your PDFs effortlessly:

Upload your PDF document to pdfFiller. You can do this by clicking on the 'Upload' button on the pdfFiller homepage and selecting the PDF file from your computer.
Once your PDF is uploaded, click on the 'Sign' button in the toolbar at the top of the page.
A dropdown menu will appear. Select 'Sign Document' from the options.
A signature window will open. Here, you have several options to create your signature:
- Option 1: Type your name and select a font style. pdfFiller will generate a signature for you.
- Option 2: Draw your signature using your mouse or touchpad.
- Option 3: Upload an image of your signature from your computer or cloud storage.
After creating or uploading your signature, you can adjust its size and position on the document. Simply drag and drop the signature to the desired location.
Once you are satisfied with the placement of your signature, click on the 'Apply' button to add it to the PDF.
If you need to add additional signatures or initials, repeat steps 4 to 6.
After signing all the necessary fields, click on the 'Done' button to save your signed PDF.
You can download the signed PDF to your computer or share it with others via email or a direct link.
Congratulations! You have successfully signed your PDF using the Sign PDF feature in pdfFiller.

Signing PDFs has never been easier. With pdfFiller's Sign PDF feature, you can quickly and securely sign your documents online. Start using pdfFiller today and experience the convenience of digital signatures!

For example, if you are interviewing someone about their workflow, you would want to discuss the tools they used to create PDF documents, what they might do differently tomorrow depend on their tool and how they process a document in the future. Note that the more specific the question you ask of a potential hire, the more likely he/she is to provide information that is likely to be useful in your job offer, such as how he/she would manage a PDF document while on-site or during long hours. For example, if he/she is the new hire of an early product manager for a project team, you want to provide a description of the project and the product and why it was important to start the product in the first place, along with a short story about how the person got involved in the project and the role they played in it.. PDF Signature provides you with all that you need for a perfect digital signature. Whether you need to upload a document at the beginning of a project or use it as a signature for a document or email that you have to share or send, PDF Signature provides all you need in the form of a PDF file to do this. When you are creating a digital signature for other people, such as employees of your firm, using a PDF Signature app for iPhone, iPad or Android can help you to create the most customized and secure digital signature in order to protect the identity of the recipient of it. As the software will help to generate the signatures on behalf of the recipients, no access has ever to be gained, and no one would be able to modify or tamper with the document. This way you can put your personal website that gives you all information about you, such as name, address, company registration or company website, etc.. Plus you can use your web browser to scan in or scan out documents with PDF-to-PDF and PDF-to-TXT converters, and save your documents in cloud storage services through Box..

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Anonymous Customer
I have to tell my dr. to use this. Tired of his hand-printed & copied over & over stuff & can fax it immediately since he snail mails everything. Highly recommend to anyone who can use all the features. Added plus is that it's so easy to use. It eliminates paper, toner and postage and well worth the price for anyone who needs all the bells & whistles (which he does!!). Thank you, PDFfiller !!
I do like the ease of use as this is the first time I have used a PDF application. I have just started using Adobe and unfortunately I think I like that better. Not positive yet.
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To sign a PDF online, upload your form to pdfFiller’s online editor. Click the ‘Signature' button and sign your PDF by drawing, typing or uploading signatures. Select and insert the signature to the desired location.
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